Promontory Press

Promontory Press is a traditional book publisher that doesn't like the way the traditional book industry has gone when it comes to being accessible to new authors. We still publish books through the traditional model, but we realize that this model too often means that a lot of excellent books have to be rejected. These books are rejected not because of a lack of quality, but because they are too big a financial risk for the publisher to take on, either due the author being an unknown or the target market not being big enough.

To allow us to take on some of these these excellent unknown or niche books, we developed a new way of traditional publishing. Call it “hybrid” publishing. With this method we still only publish top-quality, professionally reviewed works; we still maintain an active book-selling staff who have direct access to book buyers aross North America; and we still have a crack marketing team that actively supports every one of our titles. But by adding this hybrid method to our traditional publishing, we've found a way to let us take more chances on great books.